Blue Diamond
4779 Collins Ave Miami Beach FL 33140

  • Year Built 2000
  • Total Units 315
  • Stories 45

On Collins Avenue, steps away from soft sifting sands, rests Blue Diamond condominium. Far from a diamond in the rough, this luxury residency is polished to an immaculate sheen, radiating and reflecting extravagance in all capacities. Combining abundant amenities with artistic elegance, this architectural masterpiece surpasses the height of luxury. The interior design exudes almost imposing magnificence, impacting first time visitors with lifetime memories.

Looking out through flawless windows from their suites, Blue Diamond residents experience Miami as it has never been experienced before. Embodying the American dream of capitalism at its finest, this luxury condominium ensures your expenses are well spent. With a wealth of potential avenues for entertainment at each tenant’s fingertips, boredom is the only option not available. Tennis courts, swimming pools and an elegant clubhouse only scratch the surface of possibility at this prestigious residential community.

Spotless modern suites populate the building in a fantastic fashion. Contemporary European-influenced kitchens and marble bathrooms promise living quarters of unprecedented luxury with space simply unheard of in urban Miami. Spacious terraces allow for tenants to enjoy the metropolis from above with fresh salt-scented air filling their lungs. Stress melts away as the scents of gas and claustrophobia fade away along with the street below.

Blue Diamond is an extravagant residential community embodying the heart of Miami culture. In the middle of the action with as much space as could possibly be desired, this condominium guarantees not just satisfaction, but outright delight for those who reside within its doors.