Onyx on the Bay
665 25 Street NE Downtown FL 33131

  • Year Built 2007
  • Total Units 1118
  • Stories 27

Onyx on the Bay offers magnificent views to behold from atop its glass balconies. With an open-floor plan and floor-to-ceiling glass walls, natural light cascades across the living room floor, radiating comfort and luxury throughout your modern home. In the hustle and bustle of Miami, Onyx on the Bay lets you breathe.

Contemporary design influences are evident throughout the apartment. Smooth curvature and sleek counter-tops invoke an atmosphere of modernism. The immaculate bathroom and its quality amenities let one feel comfortable no matter where they are.

A fitness room is available for those looking to sweat, without courtesy of the Miami heat. With free-weights, treadmills, and isolated muscle equipment, the fitness center allows for both beginners and gym rats to find what they need. Glass walls let one look out on beautiful sunny days as they workout in full-force.

Back down on the ground, a large and beautiful pool awaits you. With plentiful pool furniture, there is no need to worry about finding a chair when looking to relax in the sunshine. Lush palm trees line the pool giving residents the privacy they deserve with the view they want.

A large high-ceiling lobby exudes palpable undertones of grandeur. Behind the desk, a friendly concierge awaits at the ready for any questions you may have as they spring to mind. With comfortable furniture, Onyx on the Bay invites you in to relax from the busy life of being a Miami urbanite. As beautiful violet sunsets spread across Biscayne Bay, one cannot help but smile from their Onyx on the Bay waterfront suite.