Parc Lofts
1749 NE Miami Court Miami FL 33137

  • Year Built 2005
  • Total Units 72
  • Stories 6

Parc Lofts apartments are a spacious option above the rest. With beautifully paneled floors and high reaching ceilings, this residency allows you to stretch out in the cramped city of Miami. Whether relaxing in your apartment or in the sun, Parc Lofts is surely the choicest destination.

A gorgeous pool-area for residential use rests on the roof. Lush and vivid flowers fill the air with pleasant scents as you lounge in the sunshine and dip in the pool. For cooler nights after a day of fun in the sun, a bubbling Jacuzzi lays in waiting to relax your tense muscles.

Within the apartment, a sheik and tasteful contemporary kitchen is available for your every culinary need. Polished wood-finished cabinetry and an immaculate tile floor give the apartment a pristine appearance. Stainless steel appliances rest at the ready as well, invoking a palpable sense of modernism.

For those looking to burn off overindulgence, a private gym is available as well. State-of-the-art equipment fills the fitness center with options from flat benches to assisted dip machines to allow for any level of workout, beginner or otherwise. In addition, abundant treadmills line the walls so one will never have to stand and wait before they run.

Parc Lofts provides housing its own parking garage for the bustling metropolis Miami is. Never again will you be forced to endlessly circle the city looking for parking spaces too far from your building, Parc Lofts lets you rest easy.

With a fashionable exterior, convenient location and refreshing amenities, Parc Loft welcomes you with open arms.