Santa Maria
1643 Brickell Avenue Miami FL 33129

  • Year Built 1997
  • Total Units 174
  • Stories 51

Towering in the sky in unprecedented luxury stands Santa Maria. The regal entrance boasts enormous ceilings and decorations befitting a modern-day palace. An immaculate sophisticated tile floor greets every visitor to the lobby, radiating waves of extravagance. Standing at the forefront of Santa Maria, one cannot help but be taken by its grandeur.

In the suites themselves, one can find a spacious open floor plan complimented by floor-to-ceiling glass walls. Sunlight beams through each room immersing its residents in a warm and comfortable atmosphere. An extended glass balcony in each room floats above the warm vibrations of Miami.

An enormous pool enveloped in a tropical paradise looks over the sparkling water providing a world-class experience in relaxation. The bubbling Jacuzzi compliments the refreshing pool to facilitate ultimate contentment. Further water spectacle is vividly apparent inside as well.

This full-sized elegant fountain retains a permanent position in the building housed under a pristine glass ceiling. Better classified as a sanctuary for meditation, it makes itself available as a full-time getaway for Santa Maria residents. In addition to these facilities of leisure, an escape from the stress of daily life exists in the extravagant fitness center.

The highest quality gym equipment looks out through towering glass walls onto Miami’s skyline. Furnished with comfortable appropriate carpet and combined with a high ceiling, the spacious gym is a destination worthy of consideration for any Santa Maria resident.

Exquisite suites, superb amenities, and magnificent facilities deem Santa Maria condominiums a priority among luxury living spaces