South Florida is one of the most vibrant and rewarding real estate markets in the world, and with such an incredible variety of properties being listed every day, it is also highly competitive and complex. If you’re looking to sell your home as quickly and profitably as possible, you need a well-resourced, experienced, and knowledgeable real estate specialist who knows his way around.

Matt Crane is Miami’s top-producing realtor at Majestic Properties, one of the nation’s top real estate groups, which has achieved over $5 billion in sales since its inception. Tapping into one of the most dynamic firms in the industry, Matt utilizes the latest and most creative strategies in sales.

His professionally-designed and cutting-edge website provides only the most up-to-date and vital information about the Miami real estate market. He and his associates connect thousands of buyers and sellers from around the world through the internet, social media, and other major venues, giving your property optimal global exposure.

With nearly a decade of experience in two of the nation’s most fast-paced real estate markets – New York and Florida – Matt Crane utilizes a rich and vibrant network of professionals and partners. He creates a customized plan that is individually tailored to each client and their property, taking to account their units circumstances and sales goals. Through this unique and innovative strategy, Matt has helped numerous sellers all over South Florida maximize the potential of their property like no one else. Trustworthy, knowledgeable, and resourceful, he will not only meet your expectations, but exceed them.