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Looking to purchase a waterfront home in Miami Beach?

Looking to purchase a waterfront home in Miami Beach?

“Matt Crane is a Real Estate Agent who has built a solid reputation in the markets for single-family homes and luxury condos in both New York and Miami. With a particular flair for skilled pricing and a detailed understanding of property value, Matt’s in depth experience over 15 years in the game makes him a sought after agent by sellers and buyers alike.

Hailing from New York’s largest real estate firm, Douglas Elliman, Matt moved to Miami, becoming the esteemed Majestic Properties’ top-producing associate for many years. Skilled at targeting appropriate audiences and creating the highest level of exposure possible, Matt is the master of identifying good investments and pairing families with enjoyable homes. He has recently joined The Corcoran Group, leaders in New York and Palm Beach Real Estate, now with their first office in Miami Beach.

With sound education and well-informed decision making at the forefront of his working relationships, Matt has a loyal client base who come to him for expertise on anything real estate related. He knows the power of truly understanding the niche market you’re working in, which is why he has created so much success in his long career. His knowledge of the market is profound and has created many happy investors and homeowners. He has sold many residences for several new developments in Miami Beach.

Trust and dependability have been core values and ways of being for Matt ever since he was a kid. When he’s not making great deals, you’ll find Matt spending time with his two kids, or his identical twin brother (he doesn’t work in Real Estate though)! Having performed as a professional drummer for a decade in New York as a previous career, he still loves to play music, entertaining anyone who’s in the mood for some jazz.”


QWhy do clients choose to work with you?

A. I think clients get a level of confidence from our initial interaction in a meeting or phone call. They sense that I really know the market and I can help them right away. By relying on my professionalism and discreet guidance, they can trust me for selling or buying a home or finding the right investment.

Q. What else do they get?

A.    My ability to communicate regularly and my reputation for being very dependable.  Always being there for clients is one factor that has led to my success. Whether we’re in the middle of a sale or I’m simply keeping in touch with a long-term client, there is no “backburner.” Another advantage is my in-depth knowledge of the buildings and neighborhoods where I sell, so I’m able to provide objective advice and guidance.

QHow do you assist sellers who list their properties with you?

 A. Photography, video, print advertising, online marketing and search engine optimization are some of the methods I use to get my clients’ listings in front of more national and international buyers than my competitors. This is especially important in a real estate market like Miami where many buyers are searching for properties on the internet before they arrive. My strong relationship with the Miami real estate community also helps me advocate my seller’s properties to other agents who may have the right buyers.

Q. How do you insure a smooth buying or selling process?

 A. One of my objectives is to avoid snags and delays in that critical period between the seller accepting an offer and the transaction closing. I’m able to help clients find the appropriate professional such as attorney, accountant and mortgage lender for their specific circumstances.

Q. What are some of the differences in selling real estate in NY and Miami.

 AIn New York, buyers are looking for a primary residence while in Miami, clients usually want a second home or investment property. Miami buyers often have a shorter time period in which to find a suitable property – perhaps only a weekend. Because I know the Miami market inside and out and I’m available when needed, I can guide them quickly to the right property. Investors rely on my detailed knowledge and opinion in terms of which buildings and new projects offer the best buying opportunities and highest potential for return and appreciation.

Q. What is your favorite aspect of Miami real estate?

AI like both single- family homes and condos. While I sell a lot of wonderful South Beach condos, I also specialize in selling distinctive Miami homes. I have made this a niche as an agent because I love the architecture and character of Miami Beach homes and understand their history, construction and livability.


Some of Matt’s clients speak:

“Punctual, informed, committed and at all times available plus totally reliable. In business I expect 100% from my managers, for my private investments. Matt has been a great help and continues to fulfill my very high demands. Based on his knowledge I also invested in Miami Beach and in parallel found a wonderful waterfront house for my family holidays. Definitely the best broker I‘ve worked with– 10 out of 10.”

Andre G, / Florida.

“Matt Crane is definitely on top of his game!, He is a pleasure to work with, always returns phone calls and responds to emails, unlike other agents I have dealt with in the past which simply left me annoyed and frustrated. Matt is a well-established, experienced professional who regularly helps and understands the needs of an out-of-town buyer. He is also well connected in his field and was quite capable of guiding me through seamless processes. I will certainly continue to use Matt Crane’s services.”

Jim Ptacek / New York, NY

“For us, Matt is the most honorable, knowledgeable and likeable Realtor that exists in South Florida. He is an absolute pleasure to deal with. He has a unique way of making the buyer 100 percent comfortable without any fuss or pushing.”

Martin Bloomberg
President, Nutriag Group, Canada.

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